The Land of Kasil

A Chance Meeing

Conner and Yasira, two humans on a quest to seek an audience with the Wolf Queen, ran into the two rangers, Athlan Nallos and Deraj Yama who were on a quest to stalk the two humans. After meeting, they agreed to join them in their quest in the interest of increasing the influence of the rangers. According to the legends, the Queen requires blood from a loved one and a tooth from a cadaver to pass through her domain.

So in a quest to obtain the tooth of a dead man, Athlan used his super ranger skills to track down the nearest humanoid with the intention of murdering them and taking their teeth. After finding the person, it turned out to be a dwarf scouting for ore. The dwarf, Heilgar Stormbeard, made quick friends with the party after they bribed him with booze. and agreed to take them back to the dwarf city of Thurnkohm, on the condition that the elves would be left outside with the rest of the animals, and the party would protect Heilgar during his ore scouting mission.

On day two of the mission, the party encountered an orc raiding boat which they quickly dispatched. The party then magically interrogated the last surviving member of the raiding party, finding out the orcs, lead by Garak Bladebreaker are sending out raiding parties to expand the orcish land before murdering the friendly orc, Urk Ra SHi. Then taking command of the boat, the party had a short boat ride before crashing the skiff and walking the rest of the way to Thurnkohm.

What shenanigans will the party pull in the dwarven city? Find out next time on…

Kasil, the First Age.


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