Gwendelon Rhys



Not much is known about this Human she was born of a Beles and a Luuce and entered into a life of contracting. Currently contracted by Guineve she has become romantically involved with party member Conner Smith.


Born to exiles from the Beles and Luuce Gwen had a unusual childhood. Her mother focused heavily on combat training while her father taught her in scholarly ways. She learned how to hunt and skin animals but also how to identify berries and poisons and how to treat them. One day she came home and at the age of 13 found her parents killed, as she creaked open she saw the blood everywhere and the murderers still inside. She approached one of the windows opening the shutters from the outside slowly, taking her hunting dagger from her sheath she stabbed the man by the window quickly. He slumped over behind him she crouched down, as the other man looked over. He poked his head out the window and she came up rapidly the dagger going through his neck. He fell over the window sill and she climbed over. her parents mutilated corpses laid on the ground tears formed in her eyes. From that day on she blocked off her heart she doesn’t show her emotions to anyone her brain hasn’t left that day. Gwen’s only remaining solace is in a kill for that moment she feels human and forgets the past.

Gwendelon Rhys

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