Jarv Filley

Forduc of the Beles Tribe


A tall burly man. Though he is getting older he is not slowing down, with long silver hair he is still as muscular as in his youth.


As a child he trained hard to become the best fighter in his tribe knowing that it was all that was respected by his people. When he was 30 he became lost in the wilds until a young woman found him. She seemed different from the people of his tribe she wore a billowing cloak instead of the leather armor of his people. He asked her where she was from and she said her name was Kara and she was from the Luuce tribe. Their tribes had been in competition for years even fighting among each other. With this in mind her next question surprised him as she asked You look lost, I have mapped these lands would you like help home? After a day they had reached his village at the end of the tree line she became still, you know i can’t go any farther your people will capture me. I know i’m sorry she grabbed his hand and gave him a tug he stumbled and she kissed him. What was that for? I don’t know it just felt right, she said turning back and heading into the woods. He was bemused by her and to this day has not forgotten those feelings. 5 years later he killed his first Sabercat with only his bare hands he saved a small child in his village and was hailed a hero and became the first Forcduc (strong leader) of the Beles.

Jarv Filley

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