Kara Lavis

Sophduct of the Luuce Tribe


A slim woman with deep brown hair that is starting to grey.


Her nose has been in a parchments since the day she learned to read them. When she was 13 her father allowed her to traverse the wilderness in order to finish mapping the forest. It took her 5 years but she finally finished she came across a lost traveler and older gentleman he stared at her, asking her where she was from the Luuce native said her name and her tribe. Already realizing his affiliation with the Beles tribe knowing what that meant for the two of them, he stated his name Jarv. Knowing who he was she grinned saying You look lost, I have mapped these lands would you like help home? After a day the woodlands cleared his village was nearby and she became rigid, you know i can’t go any farther your people will capture me. I know i’m sorry he replied she grabbed his hand and pulling at him stumbling she caught his lips with hers . What was that for? I don’t know it just felt right, she said with a turn to cover up her red cheeks, retreating into the woods she made her way back to her tribe. When she returned with her completed map she had achieved something the others didn’t think possible and they named her the successor to the Sophduct (Wise Leader). A few more years passed and the previous Sophduct passed as she took the helm.

Kara Lavis

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