The Land of Kasil

Hit ler little one first
(hit their little one first)

Ogres….I fuckin hate them! They were pillaging and killing my kind! There demise had to be seen to. We met with Guineve the leader of my people and she gave us some bounties to collect. We went with the closest contract (because we’re lazy fuckers) and proceeded to go all Nazi (what that is I have no clue) on them and used the little baby ogre as a pin holder and squeaky toy in one. We shot the baby to draw out mama ogre and papa ogre. When they came crashing through the trees we shot them and sent Connor to go ape shit crazy on them. Pow! Oooph! Swish! Clang! Shliiiick! Arg! DIE YOU MOTHER FUCKING SHIT STAINED GREEN BLOBS OF SNOT! (Conner has a colorful vocabulary when he goes bezerk) As the dust settled, three ogres lay dead and bleeding. Then we found another set of tracks and out of pure boredom and a want to be complete we followed them. Then we saw the real culprit and target… G-Pa ogre. Did we feel bad about killing an innocent family of ogres? Hell na! So with not a regret we used the exact same strategy on the big ogre and Swish! Stb! DIE YOU SHIT SUCKING LARD ENGROSED UGLY FUCKER! (Yisara apparently doesn’t like getting hit, she and Conner deserve each other) Anyways, we killed the beast and gave him an aggressive pedicure and took his toe to confirm to Guineve that we did indeed kill him.

Rolling Plains and Little People

Continuing to the Kugost Mountains, the party came across a mysterious Red head assassin who wanted to take Heilgar Stormbeard because of a contract she held, Yasira parlayed with the women, she would leave them to travel to the dwarven city with Heilgar as their guide if they would in turn give her the secret to gain access to the city, agreeing the party ventured on.

After making it to the Kugost Mountains Heilgar Stormbeard opened the passage into Thurnkohm the city made of stone, eager to learn and buy steel they set forth into the city coming across Rahl Shik Tal.

Rahl Shik Tal then made an advance on Yasira Crowe quickly realizing that this women wasn’t alone and helpless he then offered them a place in the new world that the Orcs would create, declining the offer the party went to the main district with in Thurnkohm, there they found the unreasonable Dwarf leader who wanted the four outsiders gone from his sight, though the entire party tried to reason with the Dwarf he was stubborn and unwilling to be swayed from his deal with the Orcs and his opinion of the outsiders in his city.

The dwarven guard then cleared a path for the party to leave as they made it through the door Heilgars brothers beheaded him. traveling back south torwards the The Wolf Queen the party came across little people, who’s village was raided every night, looking to part some Orcish heads from bodies they agreed to help the half people in their endeavor.

The Red head assassin once again showed herself to Yasira agreeing to help fight off the Orc raiders. Three Orcs came off the ship, 3 arrows a brutal Axe to the face, a sleep spell and a back stab left all but one Orc alive, after Yasira Crowe casted her magic on him to try and learn what she could. She found out his name was Tul Shi nephew to Rahl Shik Tal, other then that he held little knowledge of the Orcs plans.

Gwendelon Rhys and Conner Smith joined in a merry game of smash the Orc face in or out depending on your view, Athlan and Deraj took watch that night only to notice Conner sneak into Gwendelon tent.

The next day Gwendelon offered to take the party to her employers for two master work daggers giving them up they set out to the The Breena Woods and land of the Elf’s. greeted by six mounted Elvish archers they we’re taken to meet Guineve, in the Elf city with homes built in the trees and strange walls that you could see through Gwendelon told them it’s called glass in the Human tongue. . . .

Who is Guineve?
Will Gwendolen and Conner ever live the small life of killing and butchering that they so crave?
Will Yasira ever make it too the Deephollow to find the knowledge and power that The Wolf Queen can offer?
Will Deraj ever be able to express his hidden love for Athlan
Find out next time on Land of Kasil, First Age

A Chance Meeing

Conner and Yasira, two humans on a quest to seek an audience with the Wolf Queen, ran into the two rangers, Athlan Nallos and Deraj Yama who were on a quest to stalk the two humans. After meeting, they agreed to join them in their quest in the interest of increasing the influence of the rangers. According to the legends, the Queen requires blood from a loved one and a tooth from a cadaver to pass through her domain.

So in a quest to obtain the tooth of a dead man, Athlan used his super ranger skills to track down the nearest humanoid with the intention of murdering them and taking their teeth. After finding the person, it turned out to be a dwarf scouting for ore. The dwarf, Heilgar Stormbeard, made quick friends with the party after they bribed him with booze. and agreed to take them back to the dwarf city of Thurnkohm, on the condition that the elves would be left outside with the rest of the animals, and the party would protect Heilgar during his ore scouting mission.

On day two of the mission, the party encountered an orc raiding boat which they quickly dispatched. The party then magically interrogated the last surviving member of the raiding party, finding out the orcs, lead by Garak Bladebreaker are sending out raiding parties to expand the orcish land before murdering the friendly orc, Urk Ra SHi. Then taking command of the boat, the party had a short boat ride before crashing the skiff and walking the rest of the way to Thurnkohm.

What shenanigans will the party pull in the dwarven city? Find out next time on…

Kasil, the First Age.


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