Gods of the First Age

This world is young in the grand scheme of things. It was created by great forces weaving bits of reality to form the world of Kasil. Being the creators of this world, the gods represent the primal forces that make the the building blocks of the world.

Sylva of the Sacred Grove grew vast forests out of the wastelands, filled them with creatures and created the elves to protect them.

The twin gods Pirih and Orik created the vast oceans and filled them life, from the small minnows to the great leviathans. They are capricious and conjure great storms to smite those who do not pay tribute.

Gaviel the Wanderer created the great mountains and hills. He filled the ground with gems and precious metals and cursed the dwarves greed so his gifts would not go unfound.

Bazarak curses and defiles anything he influences. Crops die, men go mad, and beasts are warped into hideous monsters. It was he who created the first orcs as a destructive force. Because of this he is the sworn enemy of Sylva.

Finally, waiting above the black gates of death is the Lord of Ashes, who silently judges souls as sentences them to their final fate as they leave this world.

Gods of the First Age

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