The Land of Kasil

Hit ler little one first

(hit their little one first)

Ogres….I fuckin hate them! They were pillaging and killing my kind! There demise had to be seen to. We met with Guineve the leader of my people and she gave us some bounties to collect. We went with the closest contract (because we’re lazy fuckers) and proceeded to go all Nazi (what that is I have no clue) on them and used the little baby ogre as a pin holder and squeaky toy in one. We shot the baby to draw out mama ogre and papa ogre. When they came crashing through the trees we shot them and sent Connor to go ape shit crazy on them. Pow! Oooph! Swish! Clang! Shliiiick! Arg! DIE YOU MOTHER FUCKING SHIT STAINED GREEN BLOBS OF SNOT! (Conner has a colorful vocabulary when he goes bezerk) As the dust settled, three ogres lay dead and bleeding. Then we found another set of tracks and out of pure boredom and a want to be complete we followed them. Then we saw the real culprit and target… G-Pa ogre. Did we feel bad about killing an innocent family of ogres? Hell na! So with not a regret we used the exact same strategy on the big ogre and Swish! Stb! DIE YOU SHIT SUCKING LARD ENGROSED UGLY FUCKER! (Yisara apparently doesn’t like getting hit, she and Conner deserve each other) Anyways, we killed the beast and gave him an aggressive pedicure and took his toe to confirm to Guineve that we did indeed kill him.


firetonicgames Cpt_Kirk

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